Wonderkind Corp

Welcome to Wonderkind! We are a hospitality, culinary arts and sciences incubator, dedicated to developing the talents of young adults and emerging students. Our goal is to provide a jump start in their career or help them learn a trade in hospitality, culinary arts or sciences through training and certification programs.

We offer on-site and virtual learning classes at The Pinc mansion/kitchen, and work closely with each participant to create a mutually beneficial program. Our creative students and young adults will have the opportunity to turn their talents into a trade or career, while a portion of the profits made from their work will be reinvested back into our non-profit to support future creatives. As a 509A2 non-profit we are committed to providing self-sustaining support without relying entirely on donations.

We will also provide lithophane viewings of historical architecture, historical demonstrations, and other activities related to historical preservation of The Pinc.

Wonderkind Corp was founded in 2018 by a group of five friends and family members in San Mateo, California. They saw a need for support for young adults in the hospitality, culinary arts, and sciences who were often overlooked. We are dedicated to solving these ongoing issues and helping young entrepreneurs turn their passion and creativity into financial stability.

As an incubator, we provide resources, support, and direction to select individuals and businesses in the hospitality, culinary arts and sciences. We focus on highly talented young adults and youth from both immigrant and non-immigrant communities around the world. Our goal is to empower each young entrepreneur to create an innovative and self-sustaining business.

To launch our operations, we are seeking donations to build the infrastructure required for Wonderkind Corp, and hire the crucial staff needed to run our non-profit business. These donations will also be used for website development, initial marketing, and other start-up expenses, which will be further detailed in our Financial Plan. Join us in our mission to support the future of hospitality, culinary arts, and sciences.

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